March 2, 2021

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Why Wrapping Your Car Could Invalidate Your Insurance


Many people love to use colored vinyl wrap to personalise an old car or even a brand new model at the fraction of a cost of a paint or spray job. Plus, colored vinyl comes in a variety of finishes like matte, high gloss, 5D or even pearlescent. Many vinyl wrap car advocates do not even wrap their entire car, they just like to add color to the bonnet or roof for example.

Ways To Wrap Your Car

And, when done right, vehicle wraps can give you a look that is indistinguishable from an OEM paint job while protecting its value in the process. One of the best things about vinyl is that virtually any design can be printed on it. Vinyl wraps come in many colors, and custom colors are easy to make on a computer.


Additionally, vinyl wraps are durable — they can last for around four to 10 years — and they can protect your paint from minor blemishes and UV rays. Whereas a car re-spray would be a permanent and expensive choice, getting vehicle graphics, liveries or wrapping is a non-permanent. This means you can choose to have it removed at any point in time, or wait until it has reached the end of its life span to refresh it. Whenever you do decide it is time for a change, the vinyl car wrap can be removed with no damage done to your OEM paintwork. In addition, car wraps leave more room for customization than even a custom paint job.

The finished vehicle wrap is securely adhered to the vehicle with no air bubbles or gaps remaining. A car wrap is a fairly new customization technique for vehicles where sheets of vinyl are applied to the painted surfaces of the car. In the past, it was used primarily for commercial vehicles as a way to advertise the company’s logo and services. The cost of a good paint job ranges between $3,000 and $10,000.

You must always obtain permission to wrap a leased or rented vehicle. However, in general, most leased or rented vehicles have factory paint jobs with excellent paint quality. In most cases vehicle wraps will not damage factory paint jobs. If your vehicle has chipping paint a wrap may pull the chipping paint when removed. Car and vehicle wraps, including bus wraps and fleet wraps, are comprised of three phases.

It’s not easy, nor is it really a one person job if you are covering large parts of your car, but it is definitely achievable and cuts out a huge cost of updating your car too. Wrapping your car allows you to modify it and put your personality on it without taking too drastic a decision – especially if you choose a car vinyl that is easy to remove. car wraps Gold Coast Additionally, it is a great deal cheaper to vinyl wrap your vehicle as opposed to having the whole car resprayed. Plus, if you have an old banger, you may not want to invest as heavily in it as a spray job would cost you. Furthermore, it will be much more cost-effective, easier to maintain, easier to repair and much easier to resell.