Where Was Bros Filmed: Here’s How ‘Bros’ Captured the Gay Scenes of NYC and Provincetown

One has to believe that the movie, co-prepared by Billy Eichner, is at the very least partially autobiographical. How place-specific was the authentic script?

The script that Billy and Nicholas wrote with each other was great. And, of system, the closing product or service is a pared down variation of that original—there are so several great scenes and sets that there just was not time for. And a whole lot of it was really distinct, you know, Billy is a New Yorker and he is familiar with New York. I constantly giggle for the reason that Los Angeles–based writers love to chat about, oh, [these characters] operate into a New York alleyway. There are no alleyways.

So, it mechanically browse extremely effortlessly as New York. We truly desired it to experience like you had been bopping all around the city, with distinct neighborhoods in mind. Billy’s character [a radio show host on the board of an LGBTQ+ museum on the verge of opening] life close to Lincoln Middle and Columbus Circle, practically on the Higher West Aspect, and it helps make perception for him to be surrounded by the arts as he’s creating this museum. When he goes to the [circuit party], we preferred that to be someplace out in Brooklyn.


Indeed, just, or like A few Dollar Invoice [in East Williamsburg]. Not necessarily a Meatpacking kind of club, but anything a tiny extra local and in-the-know. We did get to do some exteriors wherever they are Citi Biking in Williamsburg as well—Citi dropped off a station for us. And then, for the museum by itself, we preferred that to be all around Central Park in which a great deal of museums are.

Jim Rash, Eve Lindley, Miss Lawrence, Billy Eichner, Dot-Marie Jones, and Ts Madison in Bros

K.C. Bailey/Universal Images

New York Town is monumental in the passionate comedy canon. How did you draw on that history?

We hoped from the start that this film would obtain its location in that canon—having that large homosexual romance in New York Town. I can listing off all the excellent New York rom-coms—Billy even watches You’ve Acquired Mail in Bros—that we needed to reference. We preferred to capture that sensation of walking by the park with the seasons altering, of the serving the turkey and then carrying the Xmas tree and lighting the menorah.

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