May 25, 2022

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Weight Loss Program at Phuket Island for Holiday

Weight Loss Program at Phuket Island for Holiday

When it comes to holidays, there seems to never be a running out of “holiday places” or activities one can partake in a holiday. However, most people are always ‘boring’ with their holidays, and seem to do the same thing every holiday.

Apart from trips to Paris, or other beautiful cities, there are lots of beautiful things you can do this holiday. And one such activity is learning Thai boxing. Well, if you hate the kind of fun sky diving, bungee jumping, or surfing brings, then Thai boxing is not for you.

Thai boxing is a combat sport much like karate and Taekwondo. However, it uses all the body limbs and a little more flexible and fun.  With Muay Thai or Thai boxing you can have the kind of invigorating fun that should come from going on holidays rather than feeling tired or restless.

Why is Muay Thai boxing so much fun?

Places like Thailand see an influx in foreigners during the holiday season mostly fuelled by people’s desire to learn Muay Thai in its “original” country.  Here are some of the reasons why Muay Thai is a lot of fun;

  • Camps are located around beautiful landmarks

Training in places like the beach, where you can see the therapeutic rising of the morning sun, and watch the beautiful undulating waves can be such an unforgettable experience. Muay Thai camps are also located in islands, the countrysides, and many other similar regions. It is all about learning and relaxing.  Phuket island is a beautiful landmark for tourist.

  • The lessons are fun

Have you ever been to a Muay Thai camp? This is something everyone should do at least every year. Learning the skills will certainly draw out a few fits of laughter from the crowd in the camp. Also, the trainers help you relax and “shake” up your body. There are also lots of fun extra-curricular acts in camps.

  • Meet people from all parts

If you are a person that likes to meet new people, then Muay Thai boxing is a sport for you. Since Muay Thai is a popular sport, and their camps are open to all, you will find people from almost all races and nationalities there. In camps, it is easier to strike a bond with people than anywhere else. There are lots of fun meeting new people.

  • Good weight-loss routine

How about ironically showing up from your Holiday looking more fit and “in-shape” than ever? Most people will find that awesome. Muay Thai is a proven weight-loss routine for people who consider themselves overweight. It is a good sport to burn fats in the body.  Many people can improve fitness in 2 weeks with Muay Thai.

The best holiday

There are always new things you can try each holiday, from booking that plane ticket to a tropical South Eastern nation to visiting a Muay Thai boxing camp at the numerous islands, the list is endless.  A good Muay Thai camp is Suwit Muay Thai and it is at Phuket Island for holiday program.

Spending the holidays in Thailand can save you lots of expenses and promises more fun. Finding accommodation is cheap, so is the cost of living and transport.

As you are coming from a temperate/biting cold country, you will enjoy the warmth and sunshine that Thailand brings.

Finally, you can join the annual grand Muay Thai festival that Thailand host every year, which draws tourist from around the world.