There is much more to Singapore then hotels in high-rise buildings. Although these hotels provide stunning views of the city, you may want a little more character.

Singapore has a host of boutique hotels that capture the mould the history and future of this modern metropolitan city. Boutique hotels are excellent alternatives to the big brand hotels and often cater to less than 100 guests. They are close to main tourist attractions and bring you a new funky experience.

Below is a list of the top 5 alternatives when looking for Singapore Accommodation.

Wangz Hotel – Outram Road
Wangz Hotel is a sleek and stylish 41 room hotel that combines elegance and functionality. The walls, upholstery, and bedding lend a striking backdrop to the floral and nature-inspired artwork and wall features. It’s really close to the bustling China town and is characterized by its barrel shaped architecture.

Hotel 1929 – Keong Saik Road
A former converted shop house is the main attraction at 1929 that boasts roof top hot tubs and a suburb restaurant. The exterior is traditional and the interior is modern – a key haunt for traveling hipsters!

New Majestic Hotel – Bukit Pasoah Road
The New Majestic is a 30 room hotel with each room individually designed by a local artist. The interior fuses traditional heritage with breakthrough design. There is even a Mirror Room!. The New Majestic can be found in the heart of Chinatown.

Klapsons – How Chiang Road
Situated off Tanjong Pager (close to the museums!) is Klapsons. Klapsons is all about celebrating the singular, about being chic and fresh. Stunning architecture and furniture that is a real talking point makes this an ideal spot to enjoy the city.

The Scarlett – Erksine Rd
Winner of Singapore’s 2008 Best Accommodation Experience, The Scarlet takes every guest on a journey that assaults all the senses. Each of their 5 suites has been designed to take in its own personality and is situated in the heart of the city.

There is so much more to Singapore then the generic high-rise buildings. Hopefully these have given you an idea of what is available – this is only the tip of the iceberg!