Senior Discounts – Cheapest Way to Travel for Seniors

With seniors becoming a larger part of the traveling public, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and dining establishments are now offering special discounts for seniors. To discover the lowest priced strategy to travel, seniors can save hundreds as well as thousands of dollars when they travel extensively with senior rate reductions. While there are such a lot of deals for seniors being offered, it pays to shop for the top offers. Furthermore, don’t rule out savings that are available to all vacationers, as they can at times be better than those specifically targeted as senior discount rates.

Travel. Amtrak has reduced their fares for passengers over 62 years by as much as 15%. Greyhound’s discount rates are for the equivalent ages, but are generally only 5% off, but do service more places than Amtrak. Many rental car providers offer senior discounts, but utilizing senior membership organizations, senior discounts can lead to still improved rates. They could be used for free upgrades. Since 2009, Southwest Airlines and Alaska Air are the two last commercial airlines that still offer senior discount rates, as the majority of domestic airlines dropped their discount rates for seniors. For local transport, discounts for seniors can be found in several places, but when you purchase on premises it is best to go to the ticket vendors and request the least expensive method to travel.

Food. Not only can you find senior reductions on food to contribute to your cheapest way to travel, but these discount rates are going to be available in your hometown dining places. How to find about a restaurant’s discounts for seniors is to phone beforehand.

Hotels. All major chains have senior discounts for room rates, most commonly in the 10% group. Some, like Best Western, offer a frequent travel club card that enables you as being a member to accumulate points to gain free room nights and upgrades. The senior discounts can differ quite a bit here, as at times for example 2008 at the time traveling was quite depressed, discounts went as high as 40%. One more thing to anticipate will be the age when discount rates for seniors begin, as La Quinta’s for instance begin at 55, but Marriott’s begin at 62 years.

The age that you may reap the benefits of senior discounts vary, usually from as low as 55 years to as old as 65. In Europe, I have noticed that senior discounts in Great Britain typically begin at 62, but in Germany the age is 65 years for discounts for seniors. To get the cheapest way to travel, I would suggest organizations that cater to seniors, as their signup charge is small to join the program, but you are eligible for their benefits, which are pretty substantial, at 50 years old.

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