Requirements and Benefits of Infusion Nurse Jobs

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Infusion nurses are responsible for administering medications and fluids via intravenous lines, central line or venous access port. As an infusion nurse you have to have a keen eye since you are dealing with medications that should be administered correctly otherwise it can cause complications. Patience is also needed as well as a steady hand is needed  for getting qualified in Infusion Nurse Jobs. Being able to have all these characteristics then you can do your job well. Training other nurses can also be a part of your job. 

Key Requirements


Having a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Associates Degree in Nursing is required in applying for an infusion nurse. 


One or more years of experience in administering intravenous medications and fluids is required before you get qualified to become an infusion nurse. Intensive care units, pediatrics , oncology and post/ pre surgical units are ideal departments to gain infusion experience. 


Having an infusion certificate can be a plus if you want to be qualified as an infusion nurse. 

Work Areas For Infusion Nurse

Home  Infusion Nurse Jobs

Home infusion nurses are those who visit patients home to   intravenous medications.There are patients who have long term infusions, and they can do this at home. Nurses on the other hand have to reach out their homes and be able to give the medication they need. When giving infusions for patients nurses have to make sure that the sterility of the place is maintained and orient household members about the precautions they have to make. 

Outpatient Infusion Nurse Jobs

There are patients who need care and administration of medicine in less than  24 hours , meaning they will be staying in the hospital or medical facilities, and they are referred to as outpatients. Infusion nurses are required to administer medicines necessary to outpatients such as intermittent chemotherapy infusion, antibiotic infusion, steroid infusion, nutrition replacement, vitamin infusion or fluid infusion. For surgeries, infusion nurses are to assist doctors with the surgical materials needed. 

Infusion Travel Nurse jobs

Just like any other nurses who specialize in other fields, infusion nurses are also being encouraged to work as travel nurses. When shortage of infusion nurses arises infusion travel nurses are needed to be hired to cover the lacking staff in a certain area. Travel infusion nurse jobs also rips all the benefits a travel nurse can have such as: 

  • Higher Pay 

Compensation for travel nurses is higher compared with regular nurses that work in medical facilities. The pay depends on the specialization, for travel infusion nurses they can earn $2,500 a week or more. Pay can also depend on the State they are assigned at since some States pay higher due to the cost of living.  

  • Housing Provided 

Most travel nurses can get free accommodation on their place of assignments. This is to make them comfortable and get enough rest after every shift. They are also given accommodation, so they can roam around the place during their off. You can also opt to find your own place and you will still be given a housing stipend to aid in paying your home rentals during your stay in your assignment area. 

  • Pleasure after Work 

Travel nurses can take breaks after each assignment, this is a great timing to explore the city they are assigned to. This is one of the perks that attracts more nurses to work as travel nurses.  It is hard to balance work and sometimes travel but with being a travel nurse you can do both without worrying about the job you left at home. You can grow your profession and at the same time make your dream of traveling the world come true!
These are just a few of the infusion nurse jobs that you can apply for. Travel nurse agencies can help you in getting hired and can even assist you while getting licenses and requirements needed in becoming an infusion nurse. Due to the rising demand of infusion nurses you can earn an average of $83,171 in a year! So get those licenses and experience and set a goal to become one. Or if you think you are qualified let employers find you, apply now at Gifted Healthcare for an infusion nurse job.