Marriott International to Bring EDITION Hotels Brand to Italy’s Lake Como – Hotel Magazine

Marriott Intercontinental has signed an arrangement with Bain Money Credit and Omnam Group to introduce its Version Resorts brand to Lake Como. 

Slated to open in 2025, The Lake Como Version will be owned and developed by Bain Funds and Omnam Team by way of a fund managed by Kryalos SGR. It will feature 145 magnificent guestrooms, which includes two penthouse suites, a foyer bar, a floating pool, and several eating places and bars overlooking Lake Como with beautiful sights of the Bellagio mountains. 

The home is a 19th-century building positioned on the western shore of the prestigious Lake Como, a shorter push from Central Milan. It will be transformed into a luxury way of living place that breathes new life into Lake Como even though honouring the intimate heritage of the developing and its loaded heritage.

“We are delighted to start The Lake Como Version with Omnam and Marriott Worldwide,” said Fabio Longo, Managing Director, Bain Money Credit history. “We request to spend in less than-penetrated genuine estate marketplaces. The Edition brand fills a gap in main leisure markets for differentiated luxurious life style hotels and improves our European true estate portfolio.”

The Lake Como Version will mark Omnam’s fourth improvement in Italy, producing a new feeling of advanced luxurious though remaining accurate to the heritage of its environment. 

According to Paolo Bottelli, CEO of Kryalos SGR, there is an excellent prospect for hotel investments in Italy, not only in huge tourist destinations like Rome and Milan but also in precise places with a potent attraction to guests looking for large-high quality companies and one of a kind encounters. As a result, at Kryalos, they are happy to assistance the entrance of the Edition Inns brand to Lake Como.

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