Indulge In The 5 Best Adventure Activities In Goa

When it comes to picturesque destinations, what is the first thing that comes in your mind? Surely it would be a vacation. But if you are an adventure seeker, you always look for the adventure activities in which you can luxuriate in.

Well, if you are planning a vacation in Goa and are looking for some exciting activities that you can treat yourself, then you must read about these five best adventure activities in Goa. Many people travelling from Mumbai to Goa also prefer hiring Mumbai Goa taxi to enjoy the expedition.

  1. Scuba Diving – If you think that scuba diving is something that really allures you, then you will be amazed to know that Goa has numerous sites where you can do scuba diving like Bounty Bay, Grand Island, Davy Jones Locker and Umma Gumma Reef. Sites like Grand Island also have snorkeling facilities, where you can experience fascinating marine life. You can book radio cabs to travel to these places and easily opt for scuba diving and snorkeling packages.
  2. Water Sports – Earlier water sports were only a part of five star hotels, but these days, you can find numerous organizers that provide water sports at reasonable prices. From parasailing, jet skiing, waterskiing to wakeboarding, wind surfing, catamaran sailing and banana rides, you can opt for anything that you feel like doing.
  3. Fishing Tours – How about catching a huge fish in Goa? Sounds interesting, right! From mid October to December is considered as the best time to enjoy fishing in some of the popular spots in Goa. In places like Candolim and Dona Paula, there are some licensed commercial fishermen that provide economical and expensive fishing trips. If you are a serious fisher, then you can even opt for deep sea fishing expedition.
  4. Trekking – Many people love trekking and camping in Goa, but the best time to enjoy these activities is during October to December. During the month of October, Panaji based Goa Hiking Association organizes a major trek every year. In December, Youth Hostel Association also organizes trekking programs that allures many fanatics. These are two major trekking schedules which are full of fun and excitement.
  5. Go Karting – This is the latest craze in people. If you are also looking for something like this, then you must visit South Goa. Located on Panaji – Margao highway at Nuvem is a 500 meter long track that allures many enthusiasts. Apart from this, there is one more track at Arpora located north of Baga and Calangute beach. The 300 meters long track is good for learners.