Get Paid €15,000 To Move To A Paradisiacal Italian Island | 2022

If you’ve been trawling the net for your up coming location but are coming up blank, how about the sunny shores of Sardinia?

With vibrant turquoise waters, candy-coloured structures, and rugged coastlines hiding solution coves, the Italian island is heavenly in virtually just about every feeling of the word.


However, the sizeable isle that sits just off the west coast of Italy suffers from just one difficulty — a dwindling populace. Once a thriving hub of locals, Sardinia’s young inhabitants have remaining the island in look for of superior work.

This usually means that little by little but certainly, the island’s inhabitants are dying out. This is why the Italian federal government has pulled some strings to offer you this new incentive, in the hopes of enticing younger folk in from overseas.

In get to qualify for the €15,000 grant, you should be prepared to go to a Sardinian municipality with less than 3,000 citizens, in order to increase the overall economy in compact towns.

Also, the dollars should be applied to possibly obtain or renovate a dwelling on the island, and can not exceed 50% of the charge of both. 

Last but not least, you ought to sign-up as a Sardinian resident within just 18 months of getting your lump sum.

This move may possibly not be suited for electronic nomads with itchy feet, seeking to nation hop each and every several months, as you should reside in your assets entire time.

Nonetheless, all those seeking for a eternally property in the sunshine, surrounded by “la dolce vita” (the sweet lifetime) may well jump at this opportunity.

The government has pumped €38 million euros into this plan and will issue up to 3,000 grants.

When talking of the new incentive, Sardinian President Christian Solinas said: “Thanks to these contributions to (homebuyers’) to start with houses, (Sardinia) gets to be fertile ground for these who will transfer there or come to a decision to develop a relatives.”

“There can be no development with no a serious improvement of the territories, of the interior and most deprived regions, which should go as a result of new procedures for their repopulation.

“We have established the disorders for young men and women to make a decision to continue to be and develop the financial material of the most fragile territories.”

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