Delhi Street Shopping District Guide

Delhi is famous for its street market shopping experiences. According to TripAdvisor, there are 15 street markets in Delhi. Here, we highlight five of them in a Delhi street shopping district guide. 

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Janpath Market

Janpath Market is located in Connaught Place, which is a highly bustling street market community in New Delhi. Discover unseen art, boutique-style products, clothing, sculptures and so much more. 

First, enjoy a Delhi movie at the local cinema for a relaxing viewing experience. Go grab a drink from one of the many bars that line the shopping district. 

Then, shop to your heart’s delight so you can take your purchased wares back to your hotel room after a long day of shopping until you drop! Depending on how much you choose to drink, you may want to go back to your hotel room to take a break before shopping. Get a hotel nearby so you can split up your eating and shopping times if you prefer. 

The Janpath Market is ranked pretty high on the TripAdvisor Things to Do in Delhi list at #41 out of 527. And no wonder! Many vendors are offering great items such as saris, vintage clocks, handcrafted sculptures, jewelry, blankets, and much more!

Address: J6H9+JGJ, Janpath Rd, Janpath, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India

Khan Market

Khan Market has stores such as Tom Ford, Toni and Guy, Zest, Flat, Rosso Brunello, and so many more clothing and accessory shops. There are mom-and-pop shops lined up near the high-profile stores selling produce or street food as well. 

If you are a bookworm, stop by Bahrisons Booksellers to pick your next Indian romance novel. Learn more about Delhi’s history by picking up a nonfiction book such as a biography of a notable figure or a tourist guide to learn more about the city for when you return for another visit. 

Grab a bite to eat at Burger Singh which is the Indian version of Burger King in America. The Big Punjabi burgers are the most popular on the menu with selections available such as the Chunky Paneer Panday, Dum Aloo, and Jattputt Chicken. 

Khan Market is slightly more popular than Janpath Market on the TripAdvisor Things to Do in Delhi list at #35 out of 527. The diplomat community is the reason for the higher-scale clothing and accessory stores in the area. The upper echelon of Delhi society loves shopping at Khan Market!

Address: 61A, Khan Market, Rabindra Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003, India

Monastery Market

Monastery Market was formed by the Tibetan Refugee Market Association. Various vendors sell clothing such as shirts, pants, high-end winter jackets, sneakers, sweatshirts, button-up tops and so much more. You can get the best deals on your clothing. 

According to a shopper on one YouTube video from the AK VLOG, Monastery Market has clothes at high-quality prices without breaking the bank. Clothing styles rotate out with the seasons so that you can get the jackets and pants you need in the winter and lightweight button-up shirts or T-shirts and shorts for the summer. 

Visit the Monastery Market which looks much like a large closet in a mansion or a clothing emporium of endless garments! If you don’t see clothing on hangers and merchandise on chains, then they are folded or neatly rolled up for customers to browse. 

Address: Bela Rd, Monastery market, Ladakh Budh Vihar Colony, Civil Lines, New Delhi, Delhi 110054, India

Ghaffar Market

Ghaffar Market is ranked in the top third of the Shopping in Delhi list on TripAdvisor at #109 of 333. Clothing stores such as Red Tape and Bata line the Ghaffar Market. What is most prominent in this market are electronics products. Whether you need a Bluetooth speaker, tablet, or cell phone, it is here for you to purchase. 

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If you’re a gamer, head over to the PlayStation vendor. Purchase the newest consoles or vintage ones for a throwback gaming experience. Stock up on the gaming controllers or games you need for your consoles. Maybe you have an old console, game, or controller that you would like to trade in for a newer model or game. Talk it over with the store clerk to haggle a negotiation. 

When you’re feeling peckish, you can stop by one of the street vendors to indulge in samosa, chuski, or golgappas. Samosas are fried pastries that have a delicious savory inside of potatoes with Indian spices, grilled onions, and sweet peas. 

Address: Pilli Building, Gali Number 15, Ghaffar Market, Block 24N, Beadonpura, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110005, India

Palika Bazaar

Palika Bazaar is another street market located on Connaught Place in New Delhi. This underground market is full of surprises! Firstly, the market’s name comes from Palika Bazaar of Mumbai. 

You can find everything you are looking for and some with the 380 shops set up in the market. It became prominent in the 1970s and not as many people show up to shop in the bazaar as more modern shopping malls have taken precedence. However, people still love the old-school feel of shopping in an underground market like Palika Bazaar. 

Most tourists love shopping at the bazaar for deals. When you go to the venue, there are at least 15,000 people at a given time. Just be careful of fake branded products or illegal goods such as pornography, unlicensed CDs, or any merchandise that vendors have stolen and sold for a profit. 

It is advised for women to not shop alone at the bazaar because of a rape incident in 2007 committed by two shopkeepers. No other incidents like this have occurred since but always keep on your guard for thieves and connivers. 

Address: Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India

Final Thoughts

When visiting Delhi, remember that every street market has something unique to offer. Don’t forget to book your flight with Cathay Pacific to start planning your first or next trip to Delhi. Be sure to bring a surplus of money for your shopping experience. You never know what will catch your eye when shopping in the street markets.

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