September 18, 2021

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Coronavirus Safety Tips: What to Do When Traveling With Children?

The ongoing global COVID-19 crisis has kept us on our toes. The only good news is that children have a minimum risk of being infected. Even if they are, they are more likely to recover than older people.

If you have already booked domestic flights tickets to travel after the lockdown, hold on. You will need to follow some measures strictly to keep the little ones in the family safe.

1.     Practice Social Distancing

The child needs to be taught that social distancing means space between two people. They must follow this t all times outside their homes. If anyone is standing or sitting too close, they must immediately move away. They must also not shake hands or hug another baby at the airport. While in a queue, ensure they are not in close proximity to any stranger.

2.     Recognize the Symptoms

Shortness of breath, fever and cough are the most obvious symptoms of COVID-19. When you notice these, take the child to the nearest healthcare centre. Make sure you do not delay seeking a diagnosis. Talk to the child about these signs as well, so that they can report any symptoms as soon as they arise. If you are about to book domestic flights, consider postponing your trip for a later date.

3.     Wash Their Hands

Before leaving your home, use safe running water and enough soap. Wash the child’s hands, both back and front, in between fingers and the nail tips for at least 20 seconds. Wash off and dry with single use towels or tissue paper. Repeat this process at the airport washroom before and after landing. Also, they must clean their hands with 70% alcohol-based sanitizers after coughing, sneezing and using the toilet.

4.     Buy Surgical Masks

Get masks attached with proper ventilators for children. This will ensure that they are able to wear them comfortably, without feeling suffocated. When you book domestic flight tickets, order at least 2 of these. When one gets wet after usage, put on a fresh one. The basic cloth masks are not helpful since they offer low coverage. Purchase only thick ones and fasten them tightly, without leaving space in between the face and the mask.

5.     Monitor Unnecessary Touching

Little children often have a habit of suckling their fingers or touching their eyes and nose. This habit should be stopped by all means. Try to put their hands away every time you find them doing so. You can just scold them lightly once in a while, so that they avoid touching the check-in counters and luggage. As a responsible parent, follow the same rules so that the child learns from you. The most effective way to protect the kid is to make them wear gloves or put a pacifier in their mouth while travelling.

When you are booking domestic flight, do read about the COVID updates available on the official websites of airlines. Following the guidelines well will ensure a safe trip with your little one.