5 Best Restaurants in Singapore You Should Visit

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It’s easy to find a good restaurant on this food-crazed island. (Come here with a desire to eat.) A traditional Chinese restaurant, a World’s Best eatery, or a trendy small-plates bar could be where you go to have a drink and eat food. And dollar signs don’t mean that something is good: For less than $5, you can get a Michelin-starred plate of chicken rice.

It doesn’t help that every Singaporean you ask will have a long list of restaurants to recommend, which makes the fear of missing out on the city’s best food authentic for people who visit. What to do next? Start with what’s close to you and work your way out. While culinary, you can stay and book the best Traveloka hotel in Singapore. So, to make our list of the best restaurants in Singapore, we’ve chosen places that show off Singapore’s food in all of its different, tasty glory.

  1. Labyrinth

Labyrinth takes traditional Singaporean food and gives it a modern twist in a bold new way, making it even more enjoyable. To get on the Michelin Guide’s one-star list has to be a little risky. When you’re in the cozy, dimly-lit space, it feels like you’re in a different world. The food takes that fantasy a step further. 

In honor of the Little Red Dot, chef LG Han shows off his cooking skills with locally sourced ingredients like chili crab ice cream and kampong clay pot chicken rice. People will talk about your meal for days.

  1. Odette

When a restaurant is in the National Gallery, one of the best buildings in Singapore, you know that it has a little bit of class to it. This is topped off with three Michelin stars and other awards, and you’ve got a real winner. 

Inside chef Julien Royer’s restaurant Odette, you’ll find a dreamy fine-dining restaurant known for its excellent French food. Each dish tells a story, and each ingredient has a reason for being there. If you want to see the chefs at work, there is a glass-enclosed kitchen where you can.

  1. Cloudstreet

Chef Rishi Naleendra runs cheek Bistro’s sister restaurant. The menu is constantly changing and focuses on fresh, local food. In the modern concept, dishes like pickled mussels and Sri Lankan curry with Hokkaido king crab are given special attention in the lunch and dinner tasting menus. 

These dishes show off his personal and professional skills in different ways. You can look at the best hotels in Singapore to stay in while you are culinary at Cloudstreet.

  1. Whitegrass

Whitegrass, under the direction of chef Takuya Yamashita, is all about using fresh, seasonal ingredients to create refined cuisine. Cooking classic French dishes with a modern spin on Japanese cuisine, he draws on his experience working at award-winning French restaurants Etude and Les Enfants Rouges and the Michelin-starred Ciel et Sol, among other places. These beautiful works of art are presented in the shape of delectable foods inspired by nature.

  1. Burnt Ends

This Australian-style, modern BBQ establishment is a carnivore’s paradise, and it is consistently voted among the best restaurants in the country. Expect a mouth-watering onslaught of delicious meats roasted in hot ovens to hit you on your way out the door. 

We’re talking lamb chops, beef tenderloin, and the restaurant’s famed pulled pork brioche sandwiches. It is always a pleasant surprise when you return to the hotel because the open concept kitchen constantly creates new dishes for guests to enjoy. Be advised, though: the restaurant is bustling, so make your appointments well before your visit.

These are the top five restaurants in Singapore that you really must try. Don’t forget to book the most excellent Traveloka hotel for you and your friends or family to stay in while you are out tasting the beautiful meals at the many eateries.

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